18 December 2009


Alright... I've had enough of seeing that "tacky sweater" photograph everytime I look at our blog, so I needed to post a more dignified photo of myself.

We have our Christmas Bird Count tomorrow, so I don't have any time now... but I will post about the plant that I'm looking at in this photo in my next post later this weekend.


Beth said...

Awww, the tacky sweater was a lot of fun...but not as fun as the comments it generated!

Thanks for the invitation about the bird count tomorrow (actually I guess it's today), but I've got a little too much to do with Christmas stuff coming up. I will definitely be participating in the GBBC in February, though! I've done it for a few years now, and really look forward to it every year.

Scott said...

Hi Beth. If you're ever interested in helping with our bird counts in the future, let me know.