26 February 2010

The Morton Arboretum

Last weekend, Lindsay and I went to Chicago to visit our friends Mike, Heidi, Ben, and Alex. We met up with them at The Morton Arboretum, where I deposited a package of pressed plant specimens that I had collected in the Chicago Region in 2009. (To see records of my specimens, visit http://www.vplants.org/search.html and type "Namestnik" in the last name search box; hopefully photos of some of my specimens will be available at some point.)

Ben and Alex seemed to have a great time in the Children's Garden and the Maze Garden. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to explore other parts of the arboretum, but February obviously isn't the best time to see flowering plants. I hope to make it back in the late summer to see Schulenberg Prairie, named in honor of Ray Schulenberg, one of the Chicago Region's earliest restorationists.

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