03 August 2010

Rock 'n' Roll!

This past weekend, Lindsay ran her second half marathon of the year, this time with approximatley 25,000 other people, at the Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon.

Joining Lindsay were several of her friends, including Amanda and her husband Steve, Diana and her husband Nick, Michelle, and Irma and her daughter Kristy. For those who enjoy lots of people, concrete, and music, Chicago provides a great backdrop for this race.

Thanks to the scenery (especially running along Lake Michigan) and the 13 bands along the way, Lindsay has never had so much fun being miserable in her entire life.

Although she couldn't keep up with Patrick Rizzo, who won the race in an astonishing time of 1:06:19, Lindsay did run the 13.1 miles in 2:17:50, around the same time as her first half marathon, the Sunburst, in June. She also had no problem outrunning the likes of Al Roker, Jason, Jake, and Molly of The Bachelor "fame," and Julianna Rancik (who apparently is someone else "famous" that I've never heard of).

We also had some of our friends there to visit and cheer on Lindsay during the race, including Mike, Ben, Alex (not pictured), Nick, and Jill.

Congratulations, Lindsay, and good luck next year!

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