25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with friends and family, and that your stomachs aren't still as stuffed as mine.

I am thankful for many things this year. One of those things is being lucky enough to get a photo like the one below of Greater Fringed Gentian (Gentianopsis crinita) with my cheap work camera. This photo was taken in September at Miller Woods in Lake County, Indiana.

For more information on Greater Fringed Gentian and some of the species that are similar in appearance, visit my post from September 2009 on Get Your Botany On!.


Heather said...

Very nice photo! I think I saw this Gentian several years ago growing along a railway (of all places) in Ontario. But - did not have my camera with me.


Beth said...

That's beautiful!

Hope you and Lindsay had a great Thanksgiving!

Scott Namestnik said...

Thanks Heather. Gentianopsis detonsa, G. macounii, and G. virgata, as well as G. crinita, are all shown to occur in Ontario. I've only seen G. crinita and G. virgata, and these two can look very similar and are often confused for one another. I can't speak for the other two, but they look similar as well based on photos online.

Railways are often havens for prairie remnants because sparks from the tracks would catch surrounding vegetation on fire, keeping these areas somewhat "natural."

Scott Namestnik said...

Thanks Beth. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well.