22 March 2011

You "Mink" my day!

I always knew when I entered my marriage that there would be times that I would have to "compromise" and do things that I was less than eager to do. This week I was pushed to the limit but in return made a young environmentalist's dreams come true. The day started as any other day until I received the following phone call.

Scott: Hey Lindsay, I need a favor... There is a dead animal next to your parents house that I think is a mink. I need you to go and take pictures of it so I know for sure what it is.
Lindsay: You want me to take pictures of a dead animal?
Scott: Well yeah!

Fast forward to a short time later. I have taken a few photos and called Scott with a description of our fallen friend. He confirms it is a mink. Hooray, mission accomplished.

Ring, Ring.. it's Scott again.
Scott: Hey Lindsay, I need a favor. I talked to Jeremy (Scott's co-worker who is a bat and other mammal biologist) and he wants the mink. Can you go and get it and put it in a Kroger bag?
Lindsay: You must be (enter explicit word) kidding me. You want me to go and get a dead animal from the side of the road?
Scott: Well yeah!
Lindsay: You are pushing it! How am I going to pick it up because I surely am not touching a dead animal?
Scott: Put on gloves!
Lindsay: You're crazy, it's gonna be all squishy.
Scott: Don't be a baby, just go get it.
Lindsay: I'll try to pick it up with a shovel but you owe me sooooo big!

When Scott returned home that day I had just gotten over my dry-heaving episode that went along with shoveling the mink into a large plastic storage bin. We put our friend in the car and headed out to meet up with Jeremy and his wife at a beer tasting. Upon arrival, we gave Jeremy the mink. I have never witnessed such enthusiasm (well not since Scott got his vasculum for Christmas). He immediately pulled the mink out of the bag and began checking it out. The mink appeared to have died from "natural causes" so it was in really good shape. Jeremy continued to smile from ear to ear and just kept repeating how much we made his day.

In order to capture the pure joy of the occasion we have attached a picture of Jeremy with the actual mink.

This photo totally made all of my efforts worthwhile! But Scott still owes me big time!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

You are a good sport :o)

Justin Thomas said...

That is by far the funniest narrative I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time. You captured Scott's nonchalance in such matters perfectly. This will be the root of much ribbing I assure you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I cannot stop laughing. The "dry heaving episode" was especially descriptive. HAHA! Lindsay, you are a truly dedicated wife and Scott, you do owe her big time!!

Sincerely, "Too lazy to sign in" aka Dana

natureinquiries said...

Fantastic! This brightened a gloomy cloudy rainy day. Lindsay, you have a true ear for humor writing.

Lindsay Namestnik said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! I am glad others found this to be an unusual experience. Scott did respond as though his requests were perfectly normal things to ask of your wife. Please stay tuned because I plan to take multiple pictures of whatever payback task I will require of Scott. Suggestions are welcome!
Oh and Carl, I am saving your comment forever. I am constantly telling Scott how funny I am and he is not convinced.