13 May 2011

Cave Lake State Park

On one of my final days in Nevada last month, I made a quick stop at Cave Lake State Park, which was just a few miles down the road from our hotel.

As dusk was rapidly approaching on both the day and my two week trip, I took a quick stroll on Twisted Pine Trail. Along the trail were numerous twisted trees, but most of them were cedars instead of pines. These twisted cedars provided intriguing photoraphic subjects.

The gravelly, mountainous desert yields harsh conditions for plants to thrive... I would love to see this place during the growing season.

It apparently doesn't take much soil for the cedars and pines to root into the limestone substrate.

Scenic views at Cave Lake were abundant; the shot below is from the end of Twisted Pine Trail.

I wish I had more time to spend at Cave Lake State Park and other natural areas during my short time in Nevada. Hopefully Lindsay and I can make time to visit this part of the arid west soon.

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