23 March 2013

Bird Quiz

I took the following photograph today while on a field trip at Kankakee Fish and Wildlife Area with South Bend-Elkhart Audubon Society.  The photo quality isn't spectacular, but I think at least five bird species can be identified in this photograph.  Get out your binoculars and spotting scopes and tell me which species you can identify! Good luck!


Agrimony Tony said...

northern pintail,
american coot
canada goose

Just guesses coming from a non-birder.

Scott Namestnik said...

That's pretty darn good for a non-birder, and those were the five that I thought someone would be able to tell from the photo. Nice job! There are also Greater White-fronted Geese along the edge of the water in the background, but that would be impossible to determine from the photo.

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