27 March 2014


There have been some changes at the Namestnik house recently.  First, after over 15 years at JFNew and Cardno JFNew, I left my job and founded Orbis Environmental Consulting with a bat/wildlife biologist and an archaeologist.  Check us out on the web, on Facebook and on LinkedIn.
Then, a week ago, we became the proud parents of an 8 month old Australian Cattle Dog puppy named Cooper.

Wish us luck!!


Beth said...

Cooper is absolutely adorable! A friend of mine has a couple of Australian Shepherds, and she adores them. I hope Cooper brings you as much joy.

Congrats on the new venture! Thanks for the email about it...I forwarded it to Ken, and I believe he was looking you up on LinkedIn.

Scott Namestnik said...

Thanks Beth. Cooper's middle initial is T. (for trouble).