20 May 2009

A Froggy Night

Tuesday night (May 19), Lindsay and I made a second trip to our five Frogwatch USA monitoring sites (an account of our first monitoring visit of 2009 can be found here). If you're in the mood for frog calls, click on the videos below. Then, quiz yourself by scrolling to the bottom to see what frogs/toads were calling in the videos.

Chamberlain Lake

Ewing Wetland

Ready for the answers?

At Chamberlain Lake, there were four species calling - Spring Peeper, Eastern Gray Treefrog, Bullfrog, and Green Frog.

At the Ewing Wetland, we heard three species, but you may only be able to hear two of them in the video. Eastern Gray Treefrogs are calling so loud that they nearly drown out everything else. You can also hear Spring Peepers, and may be able to hear Green Frog.

In addition to these species, we heard American Toads calling at Potato Creek State Park.

For more information on the frog and toad species in this post, click here.

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