06 May 2009

Mr. Beer Update

As you may recall, three weeks ago, Lindsay and I began making Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout. Tonight, it was time to bottle the brew. We started by sterilizing the bottles.
Once the bottles were prepared, we added sugar to carbonate the beer.
Next, the beer is poored from the fermenter into the bottles...
... and the bottles are inverted several times to mix in the sugar.
The final step is to label the bottles!
Now the beer will be stored in a warm, dark room for three weeks. After that, it goes into the refrigerator for conditioning. We should be able to try our first bottle in a month or so!

We also started a batch of Pilothouse Pilsner, a hoppy beer, tonight.
In two or three weeks, we will bottle this batch.
Watch for updates!

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