09 February 2012

Official Diagnosis..... In Over My Head

During my most recent "delusion of grandeur" I convinced myself that I was a master gardener. The result of my delusions has lead to the following!

Yep, that is over 100 different seed packets that will make up the Namestnik garden this year. The mix is a variety of different vegetables, fruits, and herbs, most of which I have never attempted to grow before including a couple vegetables that I had to google because I've never even heard of them.

Please stay tuned throughout this spring and summer as I bring you updates about the triumphs (and disasters) involved with taking on my newest challenge.


Steve said...

This should be fun to watch!

Lindsay Namestnik said...

Fun is one way to put it! What I forgot to mention in the blog is that I also have 8 fruit trees coming this fall to make up a mini-orchard.